Technical Architect

Posted 1 year ago

Location: Hamilton, NJ & other unanticipated client locations throughout US

Responsibilities: Define project scope and develop robust data collection plans by understanding business needs and problems through effective communication. Direct business process analyses, integration, redesign of business transform strategy. Develop POC in machine Learning predictive model for various business solutions. Partner with offshore and Onshore product database, reporting and analytics team to validate data accuracy before and after the cleansing, and maintenance. Conduct periodical and through data validation, consolidation, formatting, cleaning and maintenance. Lead the strategic assessment and benchmarking of clients’ portfolio management and data analytics initiatives. Perform demand forecasting by conducting sales analysis and lead conversion metrics trend. Accelerate customer business transformation by leveraging data and insights innovations. Deliver growth in company’s account via acquisition of multiple new data sources, proactive proposals and effective cross-selling. Develop framework to process Kafka stream into HBASE using Spark SQL and Hive tables to on prem data lake. Design data pipeline using Lambda/Glue/API to pull data from on-prem data centers to AWS S3 and create AWS Crawler to populated analytical data to Snowflake. Perform architecting and data modelling for AWS Redshift, AWS Athena, AWS Oracle RDS, AWS SQL Server, data modeling, data governance process.

REQUIRES: Master’s in Computer Science, Information Technology or Data Science + minimum 1 year experience as Technical Architect, Technical Architect Manager, Software Developer, Business Intelligence Architect or related.

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