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    End - End Solutions: Business Software Built By Real Software Engineers

    Our expertise Expertise includes both application development & product development through iterative and collaborative process:
  • Kick-start-Our kick-start program is aimed at discerning the fate/future/outcome of the project even before it has started.
  • Analysis & strategy - We research, evaluate and analyze based on more detailed information as to whether the project can be pursued further
  • Planning & Process - We create a blue print complete with tactics and procedures for successful software development
  • Infrastructure - We ensure that we have adequate infrastructure to complete the project successfully
  • Development - Our highly qualified team of experts works tirelessly to develop products superior in quality and value
  • Testing- Our testers don't just validate whether the software conforms to the user requirements but ensure that the software developed is well designed, best in quality, user centric and cost effective
  • Acceptance - Our products undergo rigorous acceptance testing to ensure all customer requirements are completely meet.
  • Deployment - We ensure that every activity from installation to integration is completely take care of.
  • Maintenance - We provide consistent support to ensure continued availability of product / applications at all times
    Our Experts Involved in delivering end-end solutions in different areas.
  • Market Research & Domain Expertise Techno-Functional
  • Project/Iterative Manager - Our Project Managers ensure that the project is progressing smoothly and communicate to the client if any issues crop up
  • Information Architect - Our Information Architects evaluate customer's requirements and then develop interfaces that match the user needs perfectly
  • Rich Internet Applications / Rich User Interface Engineer-Our Rich User Interface Engineers are adept at building rich client interfaces and in implementing browser-based interfaces
  • Architect (Enterprise, Solutions)-Our Architects are adept at architecting, designing, and modeling database systems
  • Infrastructure Architect/ Engineers-Our Infrastructure Architects are adept at planning, analyzing, designing, implementation, and operation of enterprise infrastructure solutions and systems
  • Network & System Engineers- Our Engineers are adept at overseeing and creating hybrid software, web, and hardware products from initial specifications to maintenance
  • Team Lead- Our Team Leads are adept at fostering team spirit and teamwork
  • Sr. Software Engineers-Our Sr.Software Engineers are adept at building complex software applications
  • Quality Assurance Engineer-Our Quality Assurance Engineers are adept at ensuring that the products developed are error free, defects free and free from any operational problems
  • Build, Configuration & Deployment Engineer- Our Deployment Engineers are adept at configuring, packaging, and deployment of java based web applications
  • Database Administrator-Our Database Administrators are adept at ensuring the performance, integrity, and security of database
  • Client Support Engineer-Our Client Support Engineers are adept at providing technical support to clients and in ensuring that all client interfaces and applications are well maintained and operational